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It all began with a solid friendship, through the common passion for furniture that Gabriele Ghetti and Carla Botti, owners of the company, always shared. Carla Botti has contributed her successful Administrative accomplishments from a prestigious National company into the management of the administrative and commercial departments of Gamma International. Similarly, Gabriele Ghetti, who grew up surrounded by the scent of leather from his family’s artisan leather company, brings his love for detail and in-depth knowledge of craftsmanship to handbags and small leather goods, something he has seen carried out ever since childhood.
Having first taken control, and then ownership of a small company, a manufacturer of sofas for the internal market, the two partners immediately put into motion an ambitious industrial project especially addressed to a mid-high segment of the international market. Courageously, Gamma has chosen to not relocate and maintain its production entirely in the Forlì establishment.
The above decision was made, in order to be able to rely on the creativity, experience and skills of designer and Italian artisans, and to constantly monitor the quality of its products, thus upholding the values inherent in Italian design, perceived abroad as a valuable and indisputable strong point.
In recent years the ownership marked a crucial turning point, deciding to invest on the Gamma brand. The development of the brand, supported by important investments on original and high quality products, was promoted by a team of area managers, and brought the company to achieve an international success. Today Gamma exports in 64 countries and, through the permanent American headquarter
“Gamma USA”, leads the high end American market in the upholstery business.
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